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HubSpot tasks completed since 2014

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Crush Your Days

Crush Your Days

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Each Job Tested

Each Job Tested

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Fast Turnaround

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HubSnacks Team

Our team holds multiple HubSpot certifications, and works together to deliver your tasks completed, with the minimum of back’n’forth.

HubSnacks enables my team to offload all those small repetitive tasks to a fully trained team, and it feels great knowing that I’m getting the most from my HubSpot investment, and all our energy is focused 100% on growing our company.

Rob Bush, CEO of SourceConnect.net

Rob Bush, CEO of SourceConnect.net

Here are just a few ways that we can help you …

We are qualified for all tasks in HubSpot, from Basic to Enterprise and Marketing to Sales tools

Build COS Templates

Build COS Templates

Edit COS Templates

Edit COS Templates

Blog Posts

Publish Blog Posts


Create Workflows

SEO Meta Data

Add SEO Meta Data

Install Code

Install Code


Manage Campaigns

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot Integration

3 Simple Plans For HubSpot Users

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$ 595 /mo
Unlimited HubSpot Tasks
  • Unlimited Task Submissions
  • 1 active task at a time
  • Unlimited Task Revisions
  • HubSpot Add-ons included
  • HubSpot to WordPress tasks
  • All HubSpot Products
  • Monthly Task Status Report
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$ 995 /mo
HubSpot Accelerated
  • Everything in Snacks
  • 3 active tasks at a time
  • Optimise Images for Social Sharing
  • Proactive Social Sharing of Blog posts
  • Monthly Task Report
  • Monthly SEO Audit Report
  • Monthly Keyword & Backlink Reporting
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$ 1,895 /mo
Proactive With Coaching
  • Everything in Snacks+
  • 7 active task at a time
  • Quarterly HubSpot Audit
  • Weekly Task Report
  • Priority Delivery
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching
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No credit card required • 1 Free PSD to HubSpot Template

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Not a HubSpot customer? If you want to find out more about HubSpot and how you get started quickly then contact us to find out about our quick start packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plans and Pricing Questions

Is there really no limit?

There’s no limit to the number of tasks you send us. The only limitation is the number of open active task being worked on at any one time. The allowances are:

  • Snacks = 1 open active task at a time will be worked on
  • Snacks+ = 2 open active task at a time will be worked on
  • Concierge = 3 open active task at a time will be worked on

Remember, these tasks are being completed by fully certified HubSpot users with at least 2 years of experience in HubSpot. They’ve spent their working days in all pricing tiers of HubSpot Marketing tools, as well as Sales, CRM and Website COS. This means that they complete tasks accurately and in a fraction of the time it takes a casual user.

What are examples of the tasks I can submit?

Here are some examples of what you could send us each month:

  • Build a template based on your designs for COS Websites, Pillar Pages, Email, Landing Pages
  • Modify templates based on your designs for COS Websites, Email, Landing Pages
  • Make HubSpot forms, CTAs & Leadflows look great on your site.
  • Add CTA’s and HubSpot forms to WordPress sites
  • Migrate blog posts from WordPress to HubSpot
  • Configure HubSpot integration to other services
  • Check your analytics are set up correctly
  • Set up dashboards and reports
  • Email loads and configuration  (newsletters, automation emails)
  • Setting up SMART and Static lists.
  • Publish blog posts
  • General configuration of Hubspot settings
  • Resize and overlay text on images for banners in HubSpot templates
  • Set up campaign workflows based on your design
  • Adding customized fields to property settings (Contacts, Companies, Deals)
  • Publish and maximize social sharing of posts in HubSpot and get it tracked correctly
  • Advanced “social listening” reports of your brand & competition
  • Add SEO metadata and optimize blogs
  • Group and organize lists, organize the file manager and templates

If that’s not enough, send us a message or via chat with the sort of tasks causing you pain, and we’ll let you know if we’ll remove it as part of the service.

There is a lot more included as well so check out the details in the pricing table.

Can I cancel at any time?


You can cancel at any time, provided you are paid up to date. Then once cancelled, your subscription will finish at the end of the current billing cycle. You can also upgrade at any time, and receive credit for what you’ve already paid in the current billing cycle on the lower tier.

Are HubSpot tasks in WordPress included?


HubSpot related tasks in WordPress, such as installing tracking code and embedding code for forms & CTAs etc. It does not include general WordPress work unless you have the concierge service.

Task Delivery Questions

How do I submit a task?

It’s simple to submit a task.

You send an email to your HubSnacks email address, and we track every part of the conversation in our Customer Support system. When completed, you’ll be notified with a report of what’s been delivered, and a link to your HubSpot Portal where you can see the completed tasks.

We even send you suggested tasks each month to help you get the most from your HubSpot portal.

Do I need to give you access to my HubSpot portal?


Whilst our team of specialists work together to deliver your tasks, only a single, fully certified HubSpot Implementation Specialist with at least 2 years of dedicated HubSpot experience is allowed to access to your portal to deliver the final task.

You are required to give that person access to your HubSpot portal at the start of the service. If you require an NDA to be signed, please write to us via the contact page.

Do I need to be HubSpot user to benefit from HubSnacks?


If you are not yet a HubSpot customer and are considering it, being able to hit the ground running may be a concern when making the decision to proceed.

HubSnacks is perfect for this situation, as you will be able to get any task implemented immediately, and can turn the HubSnacks service off when you are up to speed.

If this describes your situation, then we have special offers that can save you up to $1500. You will still be a HubSpot direct customer, but receive these benefits via us.

Once a customer, it does not matter which HubSpot pricing tier you are on, our specialists are experienced in all levels of HubSpot Marketing and Sales CRM products, including COS and WordPress implementations.

About HubSnacks & Team

Who is Juice Tactics and why are they on my Credit Card statement?

Juice Tactics Ltd is the UK based HubSpot partner that operates HubSnacks as one of its services. HubSnacks is a trading Style of Juice Tactics Ltd.

Why? Juice Tactics is a specialist consultancy that builds Marketing & Sales funnels for Service Providers in North America and Europe. As we have a whole cross-functional team of HubSpot certified experts, we were constantly being asked by our clients to provide support on all HubSpot related items.

As a consultancy focused on a delivering funnels, we decided to break the task-based service into another offering purely focused on the tasks rather than the strategies and tactics.

It’s become so popular that in 2017, we decided to open the platform up to any HubSpot user who wants help. Meanwhile, Juice Tactics continues to operate its specialised consultancy, but there is no need to be a Juice Tactics client in order to use HubSnacks.

Which countries & time-zones do you support?

HubSnacks supports any HubSpot users in any country, as long as the portal is in English.

At this time, we only  support English language requests and communication. Whilst our Head Quarters are in the UK, our team is located from USA through to the Philippines.

All communication is via our Customer Support platform, and via email, so time zones are not a limitation.