PPC Add-Ons

We will set-up and manage your PPC campaigns and ensure they are integrated with HubSpot.

PPC Add-ons
PPC Add-on
Per Group
Google Adwords
$295 OTC
$295 MRC
$295 OTC
$295 MRC
Retargeting Adwords
$295 OTC
$295 MRC
Retargeting Facebook
$295 OTC
$295 MRC

Frequently Asked Questions

What PPC Platforms do you support?

Here are some examples of what you could send us each month:


  • Make changes to your HubSpot COS Website
  • Modify templates for Email, Landing Pages & Forms
  • Make HubSpot forms, CTAs & Leadflows look great on your WordPress site
  • Check your analytics are set up correctly
  • Configure HubSpot integration to other services
  • Migrate blog posts from WordPress to HubSpot
  • Build a template based on your designs – Email, Landing Page & Forms
  • Resize and overlay text on images for banners in HubSpot templates
  • Set up campaign workflows based on your design


  • Maximize social sharing of posts in HubSpot and get it tracked correctly
  • Advanced (beyond HubSpot) social automation of follows, followers, re-tweets, Welcome Messages, Direct Messages.
  • Advanced “social listening” reports of your brand & competition
  • Advanced monthly keyword reports (beyond HubSpot) for your Website and competitors
  • Add SEO metadata and optimize blogs for mobile


  • Perform scheduled database checks for workflows
  • Add business cards and correctly formatted lists to HubSpot
  • Group and organize lists, organize the file manager and templates
  • Perform database hygiene checks such as correct capitalization of names, remove info@ and add LinkedIn information

If that’s not enough, send us a message with the sort of tasks causing you pain, and we’ll let you know if we’ll remove it as part of the service.

Is there really no limit?

There’s no limit to the number of tasks you send us. The only limitation is the number of open active task being worked on at any one time. The allowances are:

  • Snacks = 1 open active task at a time will be worked on
  • Snacks+ = 2 open active task at a time will be worked on
  • Concierge = 3 open active task at a time will be worked on

Remember, these tasks are being completed by fully certified HubSpot users with at least 2 years of experience in HubSpot. They’ve spent their working days in all pricing tiers of HubSpot Marketing tools, as well as Sales, CRM and Website COS. This means that they complete tasks accurately and in a fraction of the time it takes a casual user.

Can I cancel at any time?


You can cancel at any time, provided you are paid up to date. Then once cancelled, your subscription will finish at the end of the current billing cycle. You can also upgrade at any time, and receive credit for what you’ve already paid in the current billing cycle on the lower tier.

Are HubSpot tasks in WordPress included?


HubSpot related tasks in WordPress, such as installing tracking code and embedding code for forms & CTAs etc. It does not include general WordPress work unless you have the concierge service.